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Tend to Your QA Over Time for Optimum Quality

The first Bug Bounty was offered by Netscape in October 1995, who decided to reward users who could identify and report security bugs in the Netscape Navigator 2.0.

In 2011, Facebook and Microsoft launched an international program: The Internet Bug Bounty. This program rewards users who discovered vulnerabilities in the main founding tools of the net (Apache, PHP, Ruby, etc.)

A Bounty bug is a reward that a company offers to anyone who finds security holes in a given area, whether it be on a website, mobile app, or an API, etc. This is now a very popular model because it allows for efficient testing, thanks to the crowd effect, which quickly detects critical flaws.

StarDust Testing offers this same approach to preserve the quality of the user experience by offering you a functional bug bounty service.

Concretely, we launch testing missions with a subscription (1 hour/day) in our laboratory or through our community of QA testers. Testers explore your digital service and hunt down bugs. The amount of the reward varies depending on the type of bug reported and how it is documented. If the bug has already been discovered, it is not re-compensated for.

A functional bug bounty guarantees the preservation of your users’ customer experience and is key in improving your conversion rates and avoiding user churn.


Key Points to Our Approach

  • Two testing labs and a testing community to work on your functional bug bounty
  • A custom-built bug bounty mission with a StarDust project manager
  • An implementation of a proactive, quality program

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