Environmental Testing

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Your Digital Service is Evolving in a Diverse World

A digital service runs on several devices, with several versions of OS, on several types of browsers, and also, potentially, in several different countries. Your challenge is to ensure that the user experience is the same regardless of the environment in which your digital service is being used.

We are a specialized solution because we offer extremely extensive testing coverage, thanks to our 3000 configurations (devices / OS / navigators) and our testers all over the globe.

Our international testers enable you to conduct precise testing in real conditions (ex : making a payment abroad).


Key Points to Our Approach

  • Testing on real devices in real conditions
  • A community of testers all around the world
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Tracking of your tests on our bugtracker

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A Short Guide on Crowdtesting

2 Forms of Intervention

In the Laboratory

Our laboratories have a vast array of devices (smartphones, tablets, phablets, desktop), with devices that have just been released to obsolescent devices.


With the Community

Our community “We Are Testers” is a platform that integrates professional testers from all over 60 countries.


Our platform integrates testers from all over the world that we have individually selected according to an online exam. Our crowd managers personally manage your missions.

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Today, it’s digital fragmentation that makes internal QA testing difficult. Outsourcing this challenge results in greater testing coverage, which is essential for a quality user experience.


Since we are well aware of your challenges, it is our top priority to provide a service of quality and precision. That’s why our testers are ISTQB certified.

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