Operational Testing

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Operational testing consist of testing devices’ behaviors when your digital service is running. These tests are particularly important when the digital service is an IoT. An IoT has multiple interactions: with an app, a user, a device, or even with other connected objects.

These tests are intended to verify the quality of the connectivity, the behavior of the digital service when there are interruptions (phone call or alarm), and the battery consumption, for example.

Key Points to Our Approach

  • Scenario-based or exploratory textual testing
  • Over 3000 configurations available
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Tracking your tests on our bugtracker

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Why and how to test in the era of digital transformation

3 Forms of Intervention

In Our Laboratory

We have two laboratories in two different time zones (in Europe and North America) allowing us to cover a wide range of hours and offer you quick responsiveness.


With Our Community

Our community “We Are Testers” is a platform that integrates professional testers in over 60 countries.


By Automation

Our automation experts develop and run testing scripts for your repetitive tests.


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