Quality Assurance: What are the latest software testing trends?

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White Paper: What are the latest software testing trends?

The software and application sector has changed considerably in recent years.

New development models such as Agile, or more recently DevOps, have been imposed on technical teams. The ability to deliver value to end users quickly and consistently has become central. In addition, the deployment of the Cloud in a majority of organizations and the essential role data now plays have radically changed the working environment of testers.

Traditional testing methods have yet to adapt to these paradigm shifts. As a leader in QA testing, StarDust CTG Group is here to help your organization adapt to the changing development environment.

In this white paper, you’ll explore:

  • Testing in the Age of Agile
  • Test Automation: The new standards
  • Test Environments: The importance of mastering data management
  • Shift-Right to Shift-Left: A powerful change for organizations
StarDust Testing White Paper New Testing Trends

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