Community of Testers

Launch your Tests in a Community

At StarDust, we have created a platform that integrates a community of testers in over 60 countries. Our platform allows you to post missions and call on a team of testers from the four corners of the world. This team is led by a StarDust project manager that guarantees your consistency of your mission as well as the quality of the results.

We send out the details of the mission according to your needs, including:

  • Framework of the mission
  • Number of testers
  • Location and language
  • Required configurations
  • Remuneration for the mission testers


Calling on the community for your UAT and UX design testing offers you numerous advantages:

Flexibility: 24/7 availability

Geolocation: native testers possessing the same characteristics of the international environment.

New perspectives: different horizons bringing added value as a result of a variety of experiences.


These tests can be:

  • Exploratory: the testers navigate your platform like a regular user
  • Scenario: we co-write a testing script detailing the steps to follow

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When to use this approach

The community is particularly designed for:

A digital service with multicultural elements

Scalability: as your needs change, we adapt the team to meet them

A need for large-scale testing: devices, demographics, countries

Working with StarDust and its crowdtesting platform, We-Are-Testers, was a great decision for us. StarDust surpassed our QA testing expectations. Not only were they capable of detecting major bugs in our product, but they also knew how to uncover minor bugs that degraded the user experience – AVIRA – Beta Engineer


A Short Guide on Crowdtesting