UX/UI Testers

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Have First-Hand Feedback on the Customer Experience

You want to test the ergonomics and user experience of your digital service in real conditions. This is possible with our testers who are, after all, your potential users with a little something extra: a critical eye and an ability to describe bugs.

Our testers (laboratory or community of testers) explore your digital service and assess it in four areas:

Attractiveness: experience, personalization, colors, and fun

Clarity: readability, organization, and commentary

Effectiveness: navigation, functionality, accessibility, and fluidity

Reliability: content, security, brand image, and without obstacle


The benefit of this approach is also the qualitative feedback of our testers. Our reports provide you with the testers’ first-hand suggestions or recommendations.

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When to use this approach

UX/UI testing is ideal for:

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Testing your fast and agile design

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Verifing the comprehension of your users’ pathways

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Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your service

We needed a quick testing solution to be implemented with testers in 7 different countries who could provide results very quickly. StarDust responded perfectly to all of these requirements and the testing was set up within 48 hours. Not only did we receive well described test scenarios and illustrations (screenshots and videos) for each bug, but also relevant suggestions on the user experience of our mobile app.
LA REDOUTE, Chef de projet e-commerce


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