Automated Testing

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Your QA Testing in Real Conditions

Automated testing reduces human intervention.

Automated testing requires programming testing details in advance using an IT solution for a web browser and/or a mobile device. This solution can be repeated easily.

Automated testing is ideal for regression testing:

  • Continuous testing
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Time flexibility especially after work hours (evening)
  • Costefficient on the testing budget vs manual, if the environment is stable (maintenance less important)

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When to use this approach

Automating testing must meet certain criteria:

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Testing is Repetitive

It must be executed with each new version of the digital product.

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Testing is Targeted

We test precise functions identified on stable graphic interface.

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Testing can be automated

It is possible on the technical level for a robot to execute the test of your product.

The helps of a StarDust automation expert allowed us to build a test automation framework with relevant libraries. We improved the performance of the regression testing of our trading platform by systematizing it. – Confidentiel


Why and how to test in the era of digital transformation

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