Regression Testing

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Maintain Quality throughout Your Service's Lifecycle

Key Points to Our Approach

  • A long-term partnership from a perfect knowledge of your digital service
  • An advanced bugtracker for logging your campaigns
  • KPIs to enable the measurement of your performance
  • An expertise in automated testing

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When you make a change or a correction to your digital service, side effects can occur and cause other bugs. You want to make sure that what worked before, still works. Regression testing is used in this case in order to monitor your service after a change.

These tests can be done manually or automated, depending on the frequency of your testing. Our experts are here to advise you.

Continuous regression testing is very important to keep your churn down. It guarantees that the quality of your customers’ experience will continue as it is.


Why and how to test in the era of digital transformation

2 Forms of Intervention

In Our Laboratory

Since our projects managers become familiar with your digital service and integrate their QA expertise, regression testing is repeated with quality and precision.


With Our Community

Our “We Are Testers” community led by a project manager in 60 different countries, allows you to easily launch geolocated regression testing.

A Word from the Expert

Regression testing is based on a previous test, that has already been validated, in order to check the conformity of the functions. These tests are particularly relevant in agile methodology, after each sprint phase.

– Pieter Vanhaecke – Global Testing Director – CTG

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Pieter V - Global Testing Director CTG

The fact that 70% of online businesses fail due to a bad user experience shows that it’s imperative to proactively monitor your website or mobile app.

Digital Services in Constant Evolution

Digital service publishers face significant competition and must constantly innovate to provide an ever more efficient service for their users. As a result, they make new developments in short time periods, and implementing a manual and/or automated regression testing strategy is essential.

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