Manual Testing

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QA Testing in Real Conditions

As soon as a digital service is created, it is crucial to execute different types of tests to ensure the product is finished, complete, and effective. The user experience has to be flawless to avoid user churn during the first login. In order to carry out these tests, we offer “black box” testing.

Our teams take charge of your functional testing either before the your service is launched or during your sprints.

In the case of manual testing, we tests in the context that is closest to actual use (real users, real and non-emulated testing devices, real networks, etc.)

These tests may be:

  • Exploratory: the testers browse your service like a regular user
  • Scenario-based: we co-write a testing script detailing the steps to be followed

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When to Use this Approach

A manual test is particularly recommended for:

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High value-added test cases:

finger-click test, user-trip tests, and location testing

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A design analysis:

to test the ergonomics and visuals

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Conduct complex technical tests:

software inputs and outputs testing

After having corrected the bugs that you showed us, we have doubled our mobile device conversion rate.

– Fastbooking, Chief Product Officer


StarDust’s services have allowed us to increase our lead production by nearly 20%, and our rebound rate has improved by 6%.

– CA e-immobilier, Head of Technology

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