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Maintain Quality No Matter Where Your Service is Being Used

The globalization of the economy forces companies to implement language management measures, including multilingual communication. Whether you have a website, mobile app, software, or IoT, it must be adapted and translated properly. Beyond translation, your user experience must consider cultural issues concerning navigation, ergonomics, and accounting, according to each specific technical environment (online payment with local banks, for example).

How do you make sure that your service is well translated and correctly responds to local specifics?

At StarDust, we have the solution by offering you professional QA testing, native in over 60 countries. Our multilingual testing allows you to check the quality of your translations and get the feel of a native tester.


Key Points to Our Approach

  • Professional QA testing in over 60 countries
  • Campaign supervision by a StarDust project manager
  • Localized testing to check the behavior of the ergonomics and the critical functions

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A Short Guide on Crowdtesting


A Community Devoted to your Multilingual Projects

Testing with has many advantages:

  • Flexibility: a global community allows for testing 24/7
  • The panel of testers: We select your testers according to geographical area, demographics, and devices available.
  • Real and varied conditions: We can cross devices, OS, browsers, and connections (Edge, UMTS, 4G, wifi) according to reception qualities that vary from one country to another.


A Word from the Expert

Crowdtesting is the platform model of QA testing. It allows you to contact a worldwide crowd of testers to test a digital product and get feedback quick before deployment.

– N. Dessi – Crowd Manager

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26% of users leave mobile apps and never come back after the first use. When an app is poorly adapted to the specifications of the country you are targeting, this rate explodes.

The Benefits of a Multilingual Digital Service

A multilingual digital service allows you to significantly expand your potential customer base. You expose your expertise to the greatest number of people, if and only if your service is adapted to the specifics of the country. Otherwise, you lose customers without realizing it, and you could damage your brand image.

Un groupe diversifié d'hommes et de femmes sourient et utilisent la technologie sans fil pour collaborer en équipe.

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