Functional Testing

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Key Points to Our Approach

  • Scenario-based or exploratory manual testing
  • Automated regression testing
  • Classification of the gravity of your bugs
  • Tracking your tests in our bugtracker

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Functional testing consist of testing the functions of your digital services, whether it be a web platform, e-commerce or other, a mobile app, IoT, or software. Specifically, this type of test verifies that your rendered services conforms with your initial expectations. Functional testing can be manual or automatic, scenario-based or exploratory. In any case, we check to see if the behavior of the digital service is the expected one. After we find bugs, we label their gravity as blocking, major, or minor. Functional testing is integrated into any production methodology: agile or V-shaped. Bugs are documented and logged in a bug tracker like BugTrapp.

When is this kind of test performed?

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Before implementing a new feature

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After setting up a new feature

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When you discover a bug


Why and how to test in the era of digital transformation

3 Forms of Intervention

In Our Laboratory

We have two laboratories in two different time zones (Europe and North America) allowing us to cover a wide range of hours and offer you quick responsiveness.


With the Community

Our community “We Are Testers” is a platform that integrates professional testers from over 60 countries.


By Automation

Our automation experts develop and run the testing scripts for your repetitive testing.


Manual Testing

We conduct tests in a context that is closest to the real conditions, with real users, real devices, and a real network, etc.

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When a digital service is created, it is imperative to perform several types of tests to verify that the product is complete and efficient. The user experience must be flawless to avoid churn after the first use.

Automated Testing

In the case of repetitive or low-cost functional testing, it is favorable to run and automate testing.

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