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Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Our experts and consultants test over 300 projects a year. They immersed in the heart of digital innovation, and they conquer testing challenges and concerns on a daily basis. They are a rich source of information to improve your testing process, QA, and testing approach.

Our project managers and QA analysts are experienced, ISTQB-certified professionals. They are here to accompany you through your testing campaigns and advise you on the best approaches, the devices to remember, on writing the testing scripts, and interpreting the results.

The expertise of our profession allows us to analyze your usage studies and analytics in order to best target which devices should be used for your UAT campaigns. Zero risk does not exist because it is impossible to test everything on every device. For this very reason, tests must be well-targeted and follow the correct methodology. Our experts are here to advise and accompany you to achieve this goal.


Key Points to Our Approach

  • A personalized approach
  • Analysis of your project and its specifications
  • User insights
  • Evaluation of your analytics

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Why and how to test in the era of digital transformation

3 Forms of Intervention

In Our Laboratory

Throughout your project, our experts advise and accompany you during the test campaign, as well as after the delivery of the results. A detailed report allows you to better manage the corrections needed for your digital service.



Our consultants come directly to your establishment, under your supervision. They immerse themselves in your team and assist you in implementing robust functional testing methodologies. They bring you a strong added value in your UAT.


As an Agency

If you produce digital services and are looking for a QA and UAT solution in order to provide your customers with a high-quality product, you can consult our expertise. We assist you in building a personalized solution to make the best possible QA and UAT strategy for your product.

StarDust Partner Program

If you are an agency wanting to outsource digital testing, we have exquisite experience in this field. Over forty agencies trust us regularly for their digital service testing.

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Human-computer interaction (HCI) has changed, especially with the current ergonomic standards of the web. Today, everything is about the user experience. The way a service is offered has become just as important as the service itself.

Daily support

Our testers, project managers, analysts, and automation specialists are, first and foremost, passionate about new technologies. Their personal research and sharp knowledge of the market are daily assets in enriching your projects.

Un groupe d'hommes, qui sont adultes, sont assis à l'intérieur la nuit dans une salle, regardant une représentation sur scène qui intègre la technologie.

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