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Discover a Tool Designed to Manage your QA testing

BugTrapp is a tool developed and maintained by StarDust Testing.

No tool on the market was capable of addressing our specific QA management needs with the quality that we desired.

So, we built a software solution (SaaS) ourselves that allows us to:

  • Write and manage your testing scripts
  • Launch and supervise your testing campaigns
  • Log and classify your bugs in real time
  • Analyze and share your KPIs through a quality dashboard

Today, BugTrapp manages over 700 campaigns and has documented more than 20,000 bugs.

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BugTrapp is a extremely powerful tool used by the majority of our clients. We decided to launch this innovation to offer our clients a user-friendly platform that could help them track their QA campaigns. We have a team that is specifically devoted to enhancing the tool to meet new needs and requests. – Pieter Vanhaecke, Global Testing Director – CTG

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