Performance Testing

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Test and manage application performance

Slow or buggy websites and mobile applications are quickly abandonned by today’s customers. That’s why performance testing remains a vital assest.  With a proper and structured approach, performance testing evaluates how a system performs from an end user perspective in terms of responsiveness, stability, scalability, availability, reliability and resource usage.

This type of assessment makes it possible to uncover any performance concerns before release. No matter what the project methodology is (waterfall, agile,…), performance testing should be structurally and continuously embedded throughout the development lifecycle of your application.

Benefits of Performance Testing

  • Detect Performance Bottlenecks Early
  • Meet Users’ Expectation
  • Ensure Continuous Delivery
  • Guarantee Business Continuity

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Our Performance Testing Services

These are the services that your organization can benefit from:

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Performance Testing as Umbrella

  • Capacity testing
  • Concurrency testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Load testing
  • Spike testing
  • Stress testing

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Test from multiple perspectives

  • End-user perspective
  • Technical perspective
  • Solution perspective

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Structured and Iterative Approach

  • Script
  • Execute
  • Analyze
  • Report


Performance Testing Checklist: 9 Elements to Consider before Testing

How Performance Testing is Delivered

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At StarDust, we leverage a technical team of experts in all aspects related to performance throughout the software development lifecycle. Our team of experts can be deployed to jumpstart specific projects or infuse critical expertise where and when needed. Additionaly, our team are supported by our on-site consultants specialized in application performance to maximize the efficiency of your testing campaigns.

When a digital service is created, it is imperative to perform several types of tests to verify that the product is complete and efficient. The user experience must be flawless to avoid churn after the first use.

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