Mobile Testing: Optimizing E-Commerce Apps

White paper: boosting the e-commerce UX via UAT

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Enhancing the User Experience via User Acceptance Testing

When it comes to e-commerce apps, the creation of a great user experience is undeniably linked to the proper execution of user acceptance testing.

The massive growth of the e-commerce market is solidifying the development of an excellent user experience as a top priority for nearly every retailer.

Today, many retailers are taking advantage of consumers’ growing embrace of online shopping by investing in e-commerce apps and websites.

Having a high-quality e-commerce app is critical for retailers’ business success, since apps actually outperform websites across a number of key performance indicators (KPI) including conversion and cart abandonment rates, average order value, and more.

To boost these and other KPI’s, retailers are constantly striving to optimize e-commerce apps by adding new functionalities that bring additional value to mobile shoppers and improve the user experience.

User acceptance testing plays a pivotal role in app optimization by uncovering bugs and anomalies that can disrupt the shopping experience, block transactions, create security risks, reduce brand image, and much more.

In this white paper, you will discover the following:

  • How technology is shaping the state of e-commerce apps
  • 3 challenges associated with building and testing e-commerce apps
  • Advice on how to test e-commerce apps
  • Advice on how to choose the right testing strategy
  • Client testimonial: How to test an international e-commerce app
white paper testing e-commerce apps

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