The Rise of Healthcare Technology and QA Testing Challenges

Rise of new healthcare tech and QA testing challenges

The Rise of Healthcare Technology and QA Testing Challenges

Healthcare’s digital transformation and the subsequent rise of new technology not only has the potential to improve medical services, but also reduce costs and make healthcare services more accessible for millions of disadvantaged people.

Nonetheless, the rise of healthcare mobile apps, connected medical devices, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), wearables, SaaS, and other MedTech products present new QA testing challenges.

In fact, a brand’s ability to develop effective mobile apps or connected medical devices, for example, is influenced by its ability to execute thorough functional test cases as well as user experience test cases.

Functional tests and user experience tests allow brands to uncover bugs and other anomalies that can compromise a product’s performance, stability, and overall effectiveness.

Having the right experiences, resources, and overall insight is essential for planning and executing the right test campaign for mobile apps, websites, connected medical devices, and other health-related digital products.

In this white paper, you will discover the following:

  • How the rise of new healthcare technology is shaping the industry
  • The challenges presented by new health technology
  • How to test mobile apps, connected medical devices, and more
  • How to succeed in Agile Testing 
  • Client testimonials following User Acceptance Testing campaigns for healthcare apps and connected medical devices

Take advantage of this white paper to discover how to better execute test campaigns for your mobile apps, connected medical devices, websites, and other digital products.

New healthcare tech trends and the testing challenges they present

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