CrossBrowser Testing

Test your site and app in multiple configurations

Key Points to Our Approach

  • Support in targeting your tests with a dedicated project manager and according to your analytics and target audience
  • ISTQB Certified Professionals Testers
  • +3,000 devices configurations
  • Multilingual CrossBrowser testing
  • An advanced bugtracker

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The crossbrowser-testing can be done in two ways: in real or simulated.

At StarDust, we have two laboratories, a community spread around the world and we have a range of devices of over 3000 configurations.

Your users are real, our tests too. A crossbrowser-testing in real allows to have a detailed and complete report of how the responsiveness of your site or WebApp behaves and how is interpreted the code of your front-end.

In addition, there is such a digital fragmentation and a combination of device / browser / OS that it is necessary to target your tests.


Why and how to test in the era of digital transformation

2 Forms of Intervention

In Our Laboratory

Our range of devices makes it possible to perform a test crossbrowser of your digital service which will be enriched by a return UX of our testers and according tour real needs.


With Our Community

Our community ” We Are Testers ” in 60 countries and pilotée allows you to perform a multilingual crossbrowser testing if your digital service is international.

70% of online businesses fail because of a bad user experience. It is essential that your digital service works perfectly regardless of the browser used by your client.

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