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Get your Apps & Websites tested by QA professionals from all around the world

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Functional & Localisation Testing

Crowdtesters look for bugs using their testing experience. In order to fulfill multilingual and geolocation needs, our testers are located in more than 45 countries.

Express Campaign

With the power of the Crowd, get your results within less than a week.

Ready-to-use Results

Start fixing bugs as soon as you get your bug report thanks to a clean and ready-to-fix bug list.

Managed Crowdtesting Campaign

To your convenience, we take care of the project management. A dedicated StarDust Project Manager picks the right testers, interacts with the Crowd and cleans the bug list.

Selected QA Testers

Crowdtesters are remote freelancers. We make sure they have relevant QA experience and are fluent in English before they join our worldwide Crowdtesting Community.


All Crowdtesters agree to our Terms and Conditions regarding non-disclosure and can sign NDA’s if necessary.

Project Organization


Crowdtesters Selection

Crowdtesters fulfill all your requirements: location, language, skills, devices.


Rapid Bug Hunting

Testers have 48 hours to report as many bugs as possible.


Easy Bug List Delivery

Access your Bug List online and start fixing the bugs!

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Who are the Crowdtesters?

Top-notch Freelance QA Testers.


They must successfully complete our 3-step recruitment process to enter the WE ARE TESTERS community.

Profile Assessment


When QA freelancers wish to be part of our community, they need to go through our recruitment process which ensures they have relevant QA experience and are fluent in English.

Online QA Exam


Candidates take an online QA exam. Only 50% of applicants pass Step 2.



The recruitment is concluded by a phone interview.

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