Happy Holiday Season

We wish you Happy Holidays

Dear clients, partners, and collaborators,

First and foremost, I wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season. 2022 has been quite a successful year, driven by several new opportunities that have allowed us to grow our footprint across North America and Europe. This growth and success would not have been possible without you. Therefore, I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

Additionally, 2022 was a year marked by the development of new services, the establishment of new partnerships, and StarDust’s continued integration into the Computer Task Group, Inc. family.

Together, we can offer a broader range of solutions and services to help you overcome greater challenges and achieve your strategic business and technology goals.

Beyond the evolution of StarDust, our commitment to our clients and our employees remains essential. As we move into 2023, our commitment to providing you with the highest quality of services remains our first priority. This commitment will also culminate in the opening of a new training center in 2023 to improve the skills and knowledge of our employees, partners, and clients.

I thank you for the trust you place in StarDust CTG and our teams.

I wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

Delphine Guyot-Giler
General Manager StarDust CTG Group

The entire StarDust CTG team wishes you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season.

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