The Technology Trends and Challenges in Retail

Digital trends and challenges retail

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Building An Omnichannel Customer Experience

Whether in-store or online, new retail technology is shaping the customer experience (CX). Today, retailers are implementing digital transformation plans and, as a result, are investing in mobile apps, websites, beacons, smart shelves, chatbots, RFID systems, and more to create a more dynamic and omnichannel customer experience. Given the stakes of these investments, QA Testing within retail is key to protecting the quality of their digital platforms to maximize their ROI.

In this white paper, you will discover:

  • How to thoroughly test retail apps, websites, and more
  • New technology trends affecting the in-store and online customer experience
  • Three future technology trends in retail
  • Advice on how to properly test e-commerce apps and websites
  • Client testimonial from Adrien Sebban, EMEA E-business IT Executive at Alpargatas

Take advantage of 29 pages of valuable insight to better understand the major technology trends and challenges that retailers face in delivering the best online and in-store customer experience.

white paper digital trends and challenges in retail

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